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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

not everyone's bright and sunny all the time-- even your favorite pals,who always seem cheery ,have their own bad days too. there will be days when your seatmate will answer back in a really mean tone when you ask her/him a simple question .some people will think its okay to give sarcastic and mean side comments,instead of telling you something nicely and more often than not. 
when a pal is mean to you, the quickest (and probably most natural ) reaction is to snap right back at her and give her a taste of her own medicine,afetr all she shouldn't be mean to you just because she's having a bad day ,right?
most of the time bad mood are just temporary--don't make them last longer than they usually do! instead of snapping back act normal,ask your friends if they know why she's in bad mood, and help her out . get happy! 
bad moods are just contagious . stay positive and happy :DD