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unhappy day(8.23.11`)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

i feel not in mood today :| just like what happened to me? am i bored ,sad or whatever? i don't know i only just know that i'm sad and not in mood :| earlier i'm just sitting like hungry and bored i'm on silence and kept on not talking , i'm just sleeping earlier in our school . then i helped my one of my best friends in her problem and i feel sad for her i hope she can solve it .. and me. haha i don't know i want to cry now :'( what am i doing ? why am i sad,bored or feel not in mood? unlike before i don't have any problems no worries and most of all i'm just laughing all the time . i just want to make myself happy i want to cheer myself. :( so i will consider this day as a unhappy day for me .