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Sunday, 28 August 2011

 so i can't think of a title haha! :) okay  i will blog about yesterday , we went to mall to watch "tween academy" and we got there around 12 on the afternoon before we watch we ate lunch then we waited for my best friends while were waiting for her we walked around the department stores then when she came we bought tickets the movie will start  at 4:20 pm then we went to event center coz the cast is there
 haha so excited to see them but there's lot of people watching so we can't see and watch :( so we just leave and went to cinema to see if the movie starts and wait there . and at last its all started haha ! i'm just focusing on the movie its so lovely XD and in the end we went again to event center to see if the cast is there but its not yet started and its so crowd X| so we just leave and go home haha! :) haha so tiring day :D