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Facts about me! ^▽^

Saturday, 3 September 2011

[say hi to domo-kun :DD]

okay, so here's 10 FACTS ABOUT ME! :)) and only 5 bec. i will post some facts about me soon^^; 
  1. i'm an otaku (you know that coz' its on my profile haha!:P)
  2. i still watch spongebob (yeah bec. i love spongebob :D )
  3. i can stay in front of my pc all day :))
  4. i get happy easily on a simple things
  5. i hate insects >.<
  6. i love music a lot
  7. i always wanted to go to japan and london
  8. i love the smell of old books
  9. my room is always messy and i'm lazy to clean it HAHA!
  10. i love the feeling when rain comes :)
okay haha! so that's some 10 facts about me :)) haha! i will post again soon :) thanks for reading! ^^