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Study Hard yeah~

Friday, 9 September 2011

yes, i will study hard bec. i only have 2 years on highschool so i will do my best to get higher grades , my grades on card last 1st rating is good and this time i will make it best! :D i will reduced of always using computer ,watch tv ,etc. our teacher said that if we don't work hard few of us will be going to lower section so i though that i will do everything to stay in my section together with my awesome classmates HAHA! i don't want to keep away from them and especially w/ my friends , so me and my friends decided to work harder than before . we worked hard before and now harder to get pass and highest grades haha! so this month we will have our NCAE exam and that exam is connected to our future so i will review and get high average at NCAE :) i want to pass that , then after that we will have our 2nd unit test haha so GoodLuck to me and i will study hard! Ganbaremasu !頑張ります。:D