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Sembreak! :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

yey! haha our sembreak starts today :) our 2nd periodical exam is over :)) 
i don't have any plan this sembreak but i want to spend it on sleeping and also 
by watching animes and jdramas :) bec. i'm lack of sleep everyday :D haha . we don't have internet this past few days so sorry for late replies on your tags :). its also Halloween a while ago our class had plan to have halloween party but i thinks its 
cancelled . haha . that feeling of 1 week no worries i finished all projects and lectures its all done yosh~!
 i want to go to mall and everywhere this sembreak but i don't have money T_T haha but its okay i will stay here in house :) haha and i will prepare myself for the next sem and the results of our exam :)