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Simple Truths of Life

Sunday, 16 October 2011

- its good to have big hopes and expectations but keep them logical ..
- fact: big companies will suck your blood and your soul ... try to avoid them
- don't complain about your life because you don't have car or house that you wanted ...being unlucky means something else
- its okay to change your mind about people and things in your life ..just try to make sense
- being successful means something  different to each person..
- don't push your friends into your stuffs ..let them find it and like it if they want to
- some people that it's okay to judge you ..try not to be like them and ignore them
- you are not as weird as you think you are ..everyone feels a little different than the rest
- guilt is useless emotion
- you don't need anyone's permission to do what you feel is right for you..
- do it as if there is no chance of failing
- no one will grant your wishes, you better make them happen
- over analyzing will lead you to the wrong conclusions 
- no one's really keeping track of how many times you screw chill out
- your salary doesn't determine how good of a person you are
- people who try harder to look tough ,usually are the ones that need more affection
- things are just things don't get too attached to them 
- if you always try to sounds smart you end up coming out dumb
- things that are hard to say, are usually the most important
- challenge yourself a little bit everyday
- thinking too much about a problem won't make it necessarily easier to solve
- quality beats quantity
- there will always be prettier and uglier people than you, accept it and move on
- someday you will miss today